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Real Dope Book
Real Dope is a quick read designed to give you an option to legally achieve the lifestyle and income that you’ve always desired. Author Timothy Jackson says, “Many men and women in our country, both young and old, are being mass incarcerated at alarming rates due to their involvement with the manufacturing and distribution of narcotics. It is my belief that a person with more financial options will be less likely to commit crimes that will land them in prison or in a grave. By redirecting their attention to a more realistic and obtainable hustle, this will significantly contribute to the reduction of mass incarceration, particular as it relates to minorities.”
According to Jackson, Real Dope was written to compare real estate to the dope game, and highlight the many similarities that both professions share. “While there are some differences in both fields that will never intertwine, you’ll be shocked to learn the commonalities between both professions. One would be surprised to learn how much drug sales and home sales have in common, both logistically and monetarily.”